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Friday, May 19, 2006

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The Search for Hoodia 1000

Trying to find a hoodia 1000mg product is not easy. Many companies advertise a 1000mg product, but reading the fine print on the back or the diet pill bottle does not always support their claims.

There are many diet pills containing hoodia gordonii on the market. Sometimes finding a diet pill containing genuine hoodia gordonii is the problem. Compared to a stimulant containing diet pill, hoodia gordonii appears to be much safer. Effectiveness seems to vary among individuals and there is no accepted standard dosage, however many people report that it takes about 3000mg per day to suppress their appetites. In order to avoid taking numerous pills throughout the day and to keep the cost per day at a more reasonable level, we searched for hoodia 1000mg products. This is what we found.

The first problem is finding a diet pill hoodia gordonii product that actually contains 1000mg of hoodia gordonii. We looked at Hoodia Xtra 1000. The name suggests that it is a hoodia 1000mg product, but each capsule only contains 500mg. They listed the recommended dosage as two capsules. An advertisement led us to ebay, where many companies sell hoodia products. One would think that that the diet pill hoodia gordonii 5000 contains 5000mg per capsule, but each capsule actually contains 250mg of a 20:1 extract. There is no exact equivalency from extract to powder. Some companies claim that twenty pounds of plant are used to create one pound of extract, but it is actually 20 grams or whole plant to create one gram. This does not mean that the extract is twenty times stronger, but that is what they would like for you to believe.

The diet pill hoodia gordonii 1000 SRT claims to be a hoodia 1000mg product, but is sold by a site that sells arts and crafts and has no certifications of authenticity. The price is nice, but really cheap products with no certificates of authenticity are probably not genuine hoodia gordonii. The bionutricals diet pill hoodia 1000 is supposed to be 1000mg, but the recommended dosage is two capsules, three times a day, which would be 6000mg and no one recommends a dosage that high. They do not show an enlargement of the back of the bottle, so we can not verify the content.

The only diet pill hoodia gordonii product that we could find that comes close is Desert Burn, which contains 750 mg of pure Hoodia.