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Friday, May 19, 2006

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Hoodia Results Promising

Results of available studies, both formal and informal, about hoodia gordonii’s effectiveness as an appetites suppressant are encouraging. There is no evidence that use of hoodia results in any unwanted side effects. However, reputable companies recommend that dieters check with their doctors before beginning any weight loss program.

News stories about hoodia gordonii have people searching for this natural appetite suppressant. The plant grows wild only in areas of southern Africa and is apparently relatively hard to cultivate. The San people of southern Africa reported that consumption of hoodia results in suppressed appetite. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa reported in 1963 that injecting lab animals with extracts of hoodia results in weight loss, but not due to any apparent toxic effect. A British pharmaceutical company heard about hoodia gordonii and began to investigate for themselves. They released results in 2001 of a clinical study of overweight volunteers who were given hoodia extract and the results were positive. There was a significant reduction in daily caloric intake and a significant reduction in body fat. In 2004, scientists at Brown University Medical School in Rhode Island reported that injecting laboratory rats with extract of hoodia results in increased levels of ATP, a neurotransmitter and cell energy source. Rats reduced their food intake over a 24 hour period by 40-60%.

Many people have questions about hoodia gordonii. The majority of questions are about safety and side effects. Many appetite suppressants contain stimulants and use of stimulants may result in unwanted side effects from sleeplessness to increased heart rate to, in the case of Ephedra, death. Apparently use of hoodia results in no unwanted side effects other than suppression of thirst, as well as hunger, which means that dieters need to be conscious of water consumption to avoid dehydration. The clinical studies by Phytopharm have not been completed at this time. Most information about hoodia gordonii comes from Phytopharm. There have been informal studies by interested doctors in the United States and no unwanted side effects have been reported. However, the importance of talking to one’s doctor about hoodia gordonii can not be overstressed. If they have not heard about hoodia, they soon will. One should be in relatively good health before using hoodia, results vary among individuals and all available products are not the same. A little investigation into ingredients and sometimes a little trial and error is necessary to find an effective product.

A non-profit South African based company, Hoodia, is involved in providing accurate information about hoodia gordonii supplements to interested consumers. They have had the products from several different companies tested by Alkemists Pharmaceuticals laboratories. These hoodia results are not so promising. While there are companies whose products do contain genuine hoodia gordonii powder, there are many products that do not. A list of products that have been tested and the results of those tests are available for view at their website. They have not tested every product on the market as testing is expensive and was sponsored by Desert Burn Industries and Ethno Africa. Many companies that are aware of customers concerns about hoodia gordonii authenticity have had their own testing done and display these results on their websites.

In conclusion, comparing use of hoodia results in lab animals to anticipated results in people could be a problem. Animals only eat because they are hungry. People eat for a variety of reasons and hunger is only one of them. While use of hoodia gordonii may suppress the appetite, it may not suppress psychological cravings and eating out of boredom. Binge eaters, habitual overeaters and those who need to “clean their plates” may not be helped by an appetite suppressant. Available information about hoodia gordonii’s effectiveness as an appetite suppressant is promising, but it is not a “miracle cure” for obesity.