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Friday, May 19, 2006

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No Complications Using Hoodia Gordonii Reported

The companies involved in researching hoodia side affects and developing products for consumer use have reported no complications using hoodia as an appetite suppressant at this time.

Phytopharm just completed the first phase of its five phase clinical research program and has reportedly found no complications; using hoodia is apparently safe for reasonably healthy individuals. While no hoodia side affects have been reported, it is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women. Consumer Reports does not recommend it for anyone, but not because of any reported side effects. They do not recommend its use, because clinical research has not been completed at this time. Complications using hoodia on a long term basis may arise. Hoodia gordonii was eaten by the San people of southern Africa, but it was not a preferred food item. They did not eat it often.

There may be complications using hoodia gordonii combined with prescription or over-the-counter medications. This has not been studied. The safest way to use hoodia gordonii supplements is under a doctor’s supervision. That way if unexpected side effects arise, the doctor will be able to evaluate if they are hoodia side affects or something else.

Complications using hoodia gordonii combined with other botanicals may arise. It is believed that Ephedra complications were caused by using it in combination with other stimulants, but this can not be proven without endangering human health. Many botanicals are natural stimulants and consumers should read labels carefully before buying a product. Unknown ingredients should be investigated before use. Any statements concerning the lack of known hoodia side affects applies only to 100% hoodia gordonii, not hoodia herb combinations. Unexpected side effects should be reported to one’s doctor along with ingredients of hoodia herb combination used.

Completion of the clinical research program by Phytopharm may provide more information, such as recommended dosages and drug interaction warnings. Sometimes, even after a new product is completely researched, new side effects show up. There could still be hoodia side affects. No one can say with complete certainty that there will not be complications using hoodia, only that none are expected.